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Rear Suspension Question?


New member
I recently purchased my 2016 S3; it has approx. 13k miles on it. I have the 19 inch wheels and mag ride suspension. I noticed that the rear suspension seems soft. I am able to push down on the rear of the car with ease and get a fair amount of suspension travel with almost a bit of bounce. I don't have any road issues or noise coming from the rear suspension over bumps. Is this normal? I took a look at the rear suspension and nothing seems broken or out of place. Is there any known issues or problems with the shock absorbers.


Staff member
cant really diagnose it without seeing it in person.

but mostly it might be that the shocks are worn out. since you stated you bought it used, it could have been lowered on springs before and put back to stock with the used shocks still in the car. i say this because you say that its got some bounce to it. using springs will cause shocks to wear out prematurely no matter the brand of springs. the stock shocks were not meant for lowering springs. also from what i have seen, most leased cars from audi have been modified with cheap parts like spring (instead of coilovers) so that the owner can put it back to stock when the lease is up. leases tend to be between 2-3 years. yours is a 2016 and we are in 2018 so your about in that range.

another thought is that its level of bounce is normal. coming from aftermarket suspension i too feel that the stock setup is too soft for me. but my car was bought new and i know that its normal right now for my ride. i would have to sit in your car to see how it compares.

the only known fact about magride is that they are normally. i would have prefered them to be way more stiffer than they are now.
if you bought it from the dealership you can have them replace the shocks or just go with coilovers. magride shock replacement is very expensive and performance they give is next to none. if you ask them to test it, 10 out of 10 they will tell you there is nothing wrong as its cheaper to not help you.

i hope i helped out a little.


New member
So a little disclaimer here is that I probably have no idea what I’m on about. However, if you’re outside of the car and pushing down on the rear, does that mean the car isn’t switched on/running? Just a thought that if it’s magride, it needs the electrical current through it to be stiffer (and the car in dynamic). Not sure but just my thoughts on your query 😋

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