i hope cobb tuning will have it for the s3

I do like cobb tuning products and I feel they have some really high quality tools. lets hope they will eventually make it for this.

they have not made anything new for a long time.
Would be nice, seems Cobb is mainly focused on Subarus and Fords these days.
cobb tuning doesn't think aud s3 owners will buy this. wth?
but they are making for the vw gti. not even the vw R.

I remember when they came out with one for the Subaru STI and it wasn't selling that great till some used it and told others. at that time only flashes were abound but after a while it became well known and now they will continue to make it for the Subaru lineup. bad analysis as audi is the new Subaru.
I've emailed them a couple of times, seems like they think we don't have a big enough market for them.