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cobb accessport rant


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so cobb tuning has come out with a tuning solution for the vw golf R mk7.

i have been wanting one for the audi s3 mqb forever but they say not enough buyers on the market, but yet all these other companies such as apr, etc. are selling a lot of stage 1 or 2 to audi s3 drivers. another thing they said to me was that the ecu software is so difficult to break open they dont want to spend time on it. im like what??? as background info, they do have it for Porsche which i was told is difficult. i can only imagine it should be more locked up than audi's ecu.

now why is the golf R such a smack in the face? well as far as i have learned, its as close to the audi s3 as they come. the ecu is not exact but similar.

for those who arent familar, the cobb accessport is a flash tuning system that allows us to actually tune the car on a dyno. the tune would be specific for your personal car. not a general off the shelf map tune that everyone else is currently selling. this will allow a much safer tune on your car and create even more power than any flash could. you could also change anything can tune for that mod and create more power. think of a tailored running shoe just for you.

here is a video that shows a golf R with a tune and it made 350 wheel hp.
i dont know whats on this car but it appears to be pretty stock.
in this video he isnt even actually dyno tuning the golf R. all he did was flash a shelf tune but he can dyno tune it and squeeze more power out if it.
the dyno is just to show how much power was made with the flash.


thanks for reading my rant.


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[MENTION=124]92683[/MENTION] did you email them to see why?
yes i did.

1. not enough interest in their product for the s3. they basically say the owners only know about over the shelf flashes from companies like apr, unitronic, etc.
majority of customers that own audi have no clue what custom tunes really are and whats the point to do a personal dyno tune. i have heard this from audi owners before so i can at least concur with this sentiment.

i think if they offer it, people in this market sector would understand what the a/p can do through experience and exposure of even other users.

2. the audi ecu software is very difficult to crack.

to me, this made no sense as Porsche is a more complex. they currently offer Porsche accessports. plus vw, audi, and porsche is a family.

i understand the first reasoning but after offering the vw golf R mk7, they will see a huge up turn over the next two to three years as people start to get to understand the power behind this product.
i had it on my subaru and have to say its an awesome unit but before that, i had no clue what they were and how powerful this unit is. luckly i had a chance to experience it.

as info for others, they currently have the accessport for the vw mk7 type R, vw golf GTI, vw golf mk6, and a few different versions of Porsches ( example: 991 turbo, 996 turbo, 997.1 turbo GT2, macan base/GT3/GT3 RS... just to name a few vag cars and im not even naming other makes they do support). amazing how they will negate the audi s3???

someone with an s3 must have pissed off someone higher up...
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For them its all about ROI. I do believe that if they made it there would be people buying it and generating more public interest.
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