throttle response behavior coding tweak for less lag vcds coding


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ill be trying this out tomorrow.

this vcds coding is not new. i just happen to find it on other forums.
the coding is to help with the lag we get when just partial throttling the car or from slow starts from a red light stop.
from factory, the car's accelerator moves the throttle body by time and we are going to be changing it to a linear threshold in comparison to the accelerator pedal.
it should feel more smooth and less like your guessing when the car will move when you lightly press the pedal.

the second part might also help which is to align the throttle body. sometimes its off because of many possible reasons. so its good to realign it if possible. now i have not tried it yet and will post up links and you decide if it is what you need or not. the coding for this is directly from rosstech and i dont know the exact procedure till i try it out.

[Direct Acceleration - Throttle response]
With this mod, you can change the behavior of the accelerator. Option B provides a more linear acceleration without sudden deliveries.
1 - Module 44 - Power steering. Code (19249)
2 - Adaptation
3 - Select - switching driving profile
Choices :
A - Gradual, controlled by time
B - Directly controlled threshold value

throttle body alignment:

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i was able to change the throttle coding to the direct threshold value. it runs much better. it feels like it has less cpu control when you accelerate slowly with the pedal. i love it.
the car now feels like how cable throttle body should but drive by wire which is more quicker at least now it does.
i would recommend this to those who have driven their cars for 1 year or more so they can see the difference.

i was not able to do the throttle body alignment as i couldnt find the right coding on vcds as the video showed.


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diving into the coding process for tb alignment more, it seems like our cars might actually align its throttle body automatically every time the car starts up. this is from a post i found.
Did the mod as listed above and the change is exactly as you described it, thanks for the post!
Just did this on my 2018. Great improvment! Also completed:
Added G-Force meter dispaly to virtul cockpit
Disabled start/stop

Car much more enjoyable to drive around town
Hi everyone, I just have a couple of questions
In the original post it says Module 44 Power Steering, is this correct or a mistake as I don't see how this would make the throttle change .
Also, which is the best for throttle response?
Thanks for any help