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RS3 Pulling to one direction


New member
United States
What I Drive
2018 RS3 & 2017 R8 Plus
I’ve had this problem for a long time but when it first started happening there were practically zero RS3 owners out there to compare notes. So I figured Id wait and revisit a forum later, now that more RS3’s are in the wild figure it might be time to check again.

Issue: Get in and drive away, about 1/4 mile down the road the car will all of a sudden pull in one direction, pretty aggressively. Feels like it’s applying a brake but only to one side and maybe only one wheel. You can feel the drag, and slightly hear it. After fighting through it for a few seconds it will stop and drive completely normal till the next you get it and go.

I don’t notice it as much on my winter wheels and snow tires. But the second I swap out wheels and put sticky summer tires on it starts to do it noticeably.

Does anybody know if they calibrate themselves when first starting out or something? ESC, ABS, ?

It seems to be gradually getting worse. Told the dealership about it a few times and they couldn’t feel it or just weren’t sensitive enough to it. May take it back now and see again.

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