Newbie from Herts UK

Hi all,
I recently bought my colleague's 2015 Sportback in Daytona Grey and loving it. She's gone for a newer ex-demo 2018 Black Edition saloon so we're both happy bunnies.
Gonna be keeping an eye on this forum for tips, tricks etc.
Currently have an airbag light on, the VCDS reckons that the car has been in a crash but it hasn't...Audi Watford taking the dash out in a couple of weeks to investigate. I am transferring the extended manufacturer's warranty to myself so hoping any issues would be picked up by this!
Just had the car in for some serious servicing - Haldex oil (never replaced, car has done 44k), DSG oil (slightly overdue), engine oil, brake fluid, spark plugs, filters etc etc.
Gonna feed it a loads of Shell V-Power (or whatever it's called nowadays) to make sure that the engine is nice and clean :)


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as a little tip: pump in it about 0.5 gal (or less) of e85 and make sure you fill it up with your usual octane fuel. i have seen that this cleans it out well without tripping up the computer. do it no more than 4 times in a row. best results is about 1-2 times in a row. it will depend on your cars current condition.

audi is known to have carbon build up and it will cause performance issues was well as pre detonation if this builds up a lot.