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New to Audi s3, Hello everyone

United States
What I Drive
2015 S3
Hello everyone. Just new to Audi S3 not having much luck with reply to questions on Audiworld so ill give it a go here.

I purchased a used 2015 white glacier S3 from a Chevy dealership in western Massachusetts. The car was traded in for a GMC truck. The guy needed a work truck.
The s3 is super clean with a carfax.
My question is I've recently gotten a inspection due beep everytime i start the car.
The car has 56,000K and im wondering if I have to pay for an inspection.
The Audi manual says a major service inspection is due @55K.
I've owned the car for 1 week now. And it has a dealership warranty for 90 or 3500 miles. If a Certified Audi mechanic finds anything for fixing. Do i have to pay for that bill or those Balise Chevy do?
Any input about this would be great.

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