My 2016 Merlin Purple Perleffekt S3 ( WANRING: PIC HEAVY)


Hello All,

My name's Corbin, first time Audi Owner,
I decided back in October that I needed to have an S3 after a customer of the dealership I work at brought in his Sepang Blue S3, lowered, on AG wheels. I fell in love and knew that I had to have one. Now at that time there were plenty around and at our dealership but wasn't too appealed by any of the standard color S3's that we had. So I went ahead and pulled the trigger and special ordered my S3[:D]

Fast forward to today (3/3/16). My car is in transport to the dealer and she be arriving any day now, it has been a long wait for it and now that its down to the wire its starting to feel even longer lol.
Everyday I go into work watching the transports unload new cars in hopes that my S3 is on one of them, but so far this week, 6 loads down, no car yet.

Back History:
This will be my first Audi. I have owned a number of VW's in the past and always wanted to get into an Audi but never pulled the trigger on one. It wasn't until I started working for Audi that it became financially feasible for me.

My past cars include the following:
2013 GTI Autobahn - 350WHP 415WTQ
2012 GTI Stage 2 GIAC
2008 R32
2003 GTI Fully Built 475WHP

I have had some non VW's before and between those cars but those were mostly boring transition cars.

S3 Specs:
- 2016 Premium Plus
- Super Sport Seats
- Black Optics
- B&O
- Technology Pack
- LED lighting
- Audi Exclusive Paint
- Mag Ride

Soon as the car arrives I will post some pictures of it Pre-PDI, and after PDI.

Update 3/4/16 : H&R Springs showed up!

IT ARRIVED! 3/8/16 exactly 6 months from my order date!

Then off to get PDI done!

Update: Had a chance to take some photos with my Cannon DSLR today. Sunlight really shows off the color, and mandatory interior shot of the Super Sport seats for good measure

Had H&R super sports installed as well as installed my Spulen turbo muffler delete. Overall very happy with these items. Pictures for proof of lowering.

Got me some wheels and window tint.
Suntek Nano-Carbon 5%
Wheels are just to hold over until my other sets come in so don't judge
Cast IND
18x8.5 et30
Federal 255/35/18 595 Super sport tires

Just had an alignment done and rear camber adjusted to stop the rubbing.
I'm now very confident the wheels I have coming and tires should fit with minor adjustments to fenders

Before rear tire poke

After alignment/camber/toe adjustments

Here's some photos of the amazing FourtyFourWheelCompany titanium lug nuts and stud conversion

They sent me some extra goodies, key chain, air freshener, and some stickers.

Color of the lugs is " Champagene " which is a bit darker then pictured when they were ordered but none the less came our amazing.
Highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality lug nuts and stud conversion

New wheels came, and mounted
Zito ZF01 flow forme/forged
Spec: 19x10
Offset: et35

Badass color and awesome build.
Thanks man, it?s all changing up soon.

Got new wheels and coilovers and soon to be a huge game changer by summer time

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Gorgeous ride dude. I take it with the springs you lose the magnetic ride right?


Very tastefully done[thumb]. [MENTION=876]VeeDubb[/MENTION]
New wheels:
18? Zito ZF01
Same spec as the gold 19?

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Hi i have some spiked Lug nuts but i can't put them on cause mine has bolt on lugs. I was wondering what you did to buy the FourtyFourWheelCompany titanium lug nuts and stud conversion kit. I checked out the site and it said something about M14 to M12 stud conversion and it threw me off. Some help would be much much appreciated. (i love the ride btw, can't wait to see more pics after some more upgrades. Hope to get mine as good looking as yours)