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Looking for a good car cover


New member
Well it is HOT in California and I am thinking it is time for a cover.

I converted my garage into a playroom for my son, so the S3 is outside. Has anyone been thrilled with their cover? I want a good sun shield that won't damage the paint.

The Audi OEM one is fairly thick and provides good protection against the sun. I use it whenever I do long term parking at the airport.

Part# ZAW061205E


Staff member
I purchased a long time ago one from pepboys. I cant say what i got is still there now.

it was one that was the top of the line version. I would say its really good. I spent maybe about 250 to 300 bucks or so. I cant remember for sure. its very thick and has two holes on the side for a locking mechanism. not that it really will pretect it but it will help with someone from just yanking it off without cutting the fabric. also it will help with it just flying off when its windy. its about 20 years old by now. and its holding up with occasional use. ive washed it about 5 times now. I dont recommend washing it often or at all. what I learned is that its more water repleant if you dont wash it. I guess for a high end version they also added water repelant on it. antoehr reason to buy a very good version even if its an unknown name.

no matter how cheap you find one dont spend money on a thin version. when you park outside it isnt worth it. it does nothing for outside use. its only usable for inside the garage to help keep off dust. outside you need one that will keep the sun from going through the fabric and morning dew. those are the two issues I had with a cheap version I originally used. it was so cheap no one even bothered stealing it. lol

now there are online versions that are good but also I found one before that actually custom makes it to fit your car specifically. it will have the side mirrors match up as well as the width and length proper. if I need to replace mine ill go with that.

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