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KW Variant 3 suspension VS Magride


New member
United Kingdom
What I Drive
S3 2018
Just thought I would give you my impressions of the KV V3 suspension set up.

I've never been totally happy with the stock magride suspension on my S3 so finally took the plunge and fitted the KW V3 this week.
I have been playing with the rebound and compression settings trying to get it to work the way I want it while setting the ride height just 20mm lower.

So far I am impressed with the overall behaviour and would say there is a noticeable improvement in handling, feel and comfort over stock on the rubbish roads we have in the UK.

The KW's cost £2.5k supplied and fitted, was it worth it? I suppose it depends on the individual and if they are happy with the stock set up which I don't think is that bad, just not for me.

Happy to answer any questions if I can.

( I have a full set of Magride shocks and mounts with 20,000 mile on them if anyone is interested !)

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