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Install the Audi s4 Titanium Lock Bolts 1100 Series into Audi s3?


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United States
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porshce 911
I saw the passage of installin the wheel bolts on Audi S4 and I want to install them on my Audi s3, I am not sure the length is fit for audi s3

"Audi S4 V6T choose BONOSS Titanium Lock Bolts 1100 Series. Front 28mm (1.1 inches), rear 28mm (1.1 inches), PCD 5×112, CB 66.5, Bolts 14×1.5. The biggest feature of this bolt is anti-theft, as a piece of bolt, if you install the new wheels, install the anti-theft bolts can protect your wheels from stealing. Most cars are stole in the following way: first loosen all the bolts on the hub, then use a jack to raise the body, then use a hard object such as a brick to fix the body, finally remove the hub and remove the jack. (The images originate from Umlimited Gravity) "

Also the images from the website:

The BONOSS Titanium Lock Bolts 1100 Series, ENDLESS Brakes and RAYS wheels are excellent.
I want to buy them and install.
How about them?
The passage is found from:https://www.bonoss.com/portfolio-items/bonoss-titanium-lock-bolts-1100-series-for-audi-s4-v6t-xu