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Hello everyone. Simon now has a pre-enjoyed 2017 RS3 in Yorba Linda, CA.

Yorba Linda
United States
What I Drive
2017 RS3
Ava Blue Crystal with 16K5-miles under one Beverly Hills owner sourced through CM Main Dealer Weds 01/18. Was enjoying a 2017 Jaguar F-Type SVR until 03/2022 when a local DWI'r put an end to it outside of the house one evening. Reverted to Brad (my 2018 FoST) but the 'need-for-speed' trumped everything (or was it the Wife demanding auto over stick..?) and so here we are today. Forty years after driving my (Father's) first Audi, an 80-Sport. All history repeats itself, I guess. RS3 is fabulous.

More later as I get to know her ("Annie", as I purchased it on our Anniversary). Yeah, naming cars is weird. Just bear with me. Thanks; Simon
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