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dsg, haldex, and differential / axle oil service


Staff Team
United States
What I Drive
2015 s3
im about to be done with my Q3 2016 service. i will be doing my S3 2015 soon. both of them have pretty much the same service parts, with only a couple of differences but mostly the same. so if you wonder why the Q3 info, its just for the sake of documenting it.

ill document the parts when im done with each section/car.

i just did the rear diff and the rear haldex on the Q3. tackling the front diff and transmission tomorrow. so far its pretty easy. locating the drain plug and refill would be the only real difficulties in doing this. make sure you dont put the wrong fluids in the wrong hole. as i have read that it will damage what ever system you missed up on. many are using other brands of oil, i stuck with oem. it just makes things easier is the reason.

*fyi, i tried to get the dealership to help with getting me the proper part and item. they were mostly clueless on the differential parts. they said they dont do that and they dont even have a service manual they use either. so they didnt have much info to help me with. i got most of the help via online and youtube videos.

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