CV joint creaking (2015)

Hi all, I?ve not posted on here before. Had a scroll through and didn?t see any post about CV joints.

I have a few questions!

I had the car lowered 30mm a while back and now my drivers side CV joint is creaking on turn. Regardless of the cause, I need it sorted... but I am curious as to whether others have had issues? Or whether it is due to when the car was lowered..

I had heard that it?s easier just to replace the driveshaft rather than the joint. Is it just 6 spline bolts, tie rod end off then 3 bolts near the hub?

Is it best to replace just the one side that?s having the issue or worth spending money on both (ps I have not looked at prices yet ) but what?s best? Also original parts or is there any performance companies out there that do anything better?

I?m not a mechanic... I am able to do some jobs on the engine with assistance I.e service and I have done my cold air feed etc. But I wouldn?t have things like impact guns etc.


I am wondering is there an online parts catalog too so I can see the breakdown of original fitting / parts involved etc on an image?

And finally, just encase I decide to have someone do the work; does anyone have a mechanic that?s VAG or just Audi specialist based in Northern Ireland?


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