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auto start your car with your stock remote key fob oem style!


Staff member
so guys, found a company that is doing great work integrating the stock key fob and this aftermarket plug and play system (per their advertisement).

it looks promising. no more cutting and trying to make the stock system/alarm work with a second alarm fob. this actually integrates your system in to one.

according to the conversation they have been making it for audi for a while now. it includes a direct car harness and brain unit. the system will be programmed to your specific car model and year.

the idea.
they make a universal brain so it saves them money on making a ton of different models.
then they make specific harnesses for each make and model out there. so far they have it for most if not all audi's. they make it for other brand too but here im only going to worry about the audi s3.
once installed you can code it to your car. so all they have to do is have the download software in their database. it costs less for them and that way they can afford to offer it for so many more brands and model cars. a new pnp harness for each car is way cheaper than a new brain for each car and they are not coded till you install so that will save money and time for them.

of course your stock alarm and all the features you did with vcds still works such as window down and up withe the key fob. thats the charm of this unit.
with this installed you just simply press the lock button 3 times. thats how you start the car.

i looked up on youtube to give you a good idea how it works.

the company is called FlashLogic. im not 100% sure they are the only ones but with my research i know they have a pnp harness for the audi s3/a3/q3/... most of the audi line up.
flash logic auto start oem

if you have questions calll them direct and they can answer all your questions.