any innovative tools to help jack up the car?


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im always looking for new items that will help safely jack up our cars.

the issue with this car is that the spot where we jack up the car is the same spot we would need to put the jack stands. some companies are making new progress with new inventions.

if you find such innovations other than just jacks please post up any link or info on it. ill start with items i found which might be useful.



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i have never had any good experiences with ramps all together. i had one bend and dropped the car when i got up top. i had another version slide from under the tire while driving up. so i would say it needs to be safer and fool proof for people like myself. ramps also only allow a set height which at times might work but at other times it doesnt. im also scared i will over shoot the ramp when i get it up there.


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I really hate getting completely under the car. It always freaks me out even if securely on 4 jack stands I worry about one slipping out.
Since I'll be under the S3 quite a bit with the frequent service intervals I've been thinking about new solutions.

Those Safejacks (rennstand) Seem pretty good since the S doesn't seem to have other jack points that I can see besides the pinch weld.

I was also debating on getting a Quickjack SLX lift
for only double the price of jackstands you could get a lift. But side access would be completely cut off so you'd have to enter from the front or rear of the vehicle.

The jackpoint stand is a little more money than the rennstand but seems more secure.

What does everyone else use? I think the lift would be great for tire rotation and swapping winter/summer tires and a haldex service.


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i too am thinking of investing on a full lift for the home use but the space and cost has held me back. although, adding up all these other alternatives it does almost equal out because we tend to keep buying more to make it work when we do the lesser cost version. with the quick jack, we cant get to the sides which is going to be an issue unless you drop it on stands after the initial lift. no real good alternatives for this car. my past subaru sti had a better point to lift on the rear and the follow up on the front was fine. because it had no rear sway bar sitting over the diff we can place it there. for this car the sway is just a horrible place to be.
Quickjack is on the way. I ordered the pinch weld blocks as well as the extension kit for the wife's SUV. Natalie was great if anyone is looking for a package deal or discount give her a call or email. I was going to do Costco but after working with Natalie I got all of the accessories I wanted and saved some money. Tell her Oliver sent you :)
I'll post some pics with the car in the air.

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i just saw a video on this type of cross beam adapter that might help. its smaller and cheaper for the those who cant afford and have room for the large scale lifting options.
i hope that these can reach each side of the car's lift points. that will really help out a ton.

the first one i saw was from harbor freight. then i saw some other version from a higher quality company.



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It's here. Very nice product and easy to setup.
I'm very impressed with the quality and fittings. Not even a drop comes out when you disconnect and reconnect the quick release fittings. This is the quickjack slx 5000. It has no problem reaching the pinch welds. I did pick up the extension kit for my wife's SUV but didn't need it for the s3. Stores nicely as well. Just testing it I didn't even take it to the first stop.