2016 Audi S3 Prestige - 10,000 Mile Update!!!

Today, my 2016 Audi S3 Prestige, has just passed a huge milestone: 10,000 miles. I bought it January 18, it was shipped from another dealership to my nearest dealership. It is in Brilliant Black exterior with a Magma Red interior. It is a bare bones Prestige, meaning it has no options, not even the magnetic ride; I chose not to get it because I test drove an S3 with the magnetic ride and thw 19" wheels and the ride was really harsh in dynamic mode. Mine has the base 18" wheels, but the rear right one has a little curb rash over the almost 6 months I have owned it.

Over the 10,000 miles, I have done some modifications to it. I added the black optics grille in place of the OEM grille, I thought it looked pretty good. I do plan on adding smoked tail lights, as in spraypainting them a little, but not a whole lot, just about three coats or so. I have a lot planned so far.


How about some updated pics? [^]
How about some updated pics? [^]
Might do that sometime soon I guess. I have not done the smoked tail lights yet, but I might not because it might be a little hard to take out of the sockets from the cargo area and decklid. I still have the OEM grille laying around in my house, so I could put it back on if I wanted to. I could still keep the black optics grille on because it matches the rest of the car's paint job, which is black.