034 Motorsports Stage 1

Does anyone have any knowledge of 034 Motorsports Stage 1 Tune? They claim 351hp and 384ft/lbs torque for their stage 1 91 octane tune. The torque number is much higher than APR's stage 1 91 octane tune.


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I'd be interested in this as well. I have the APR stage 1 and TCU. I love it and wondered if the 034 stage 1 would work well with the APR TSU as I do not see transmission software for the 8V on their site. IMO the transmission software is critical, totally changed the car and shifts as I would in sport mode. I am very satisfied with the APR solution but have other 034 parts installed and plan on using them for a rear ARB and some of their excellent quality mounts to stiffen things up.
Thanks for the feedback. I know that APR has a very good reputation and people have had good experience with their tunes.
034 has TCU tunes (Stg. 1 / 2) for S3 8V (DQ250)...you just have to look for it in the performance software section of the website....