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Which IS38 Turbo is a better choice OEM or HPA

United States
What I Drive
2020 Audi S3
Hello everyone looking to get some feedback on these two turbos, I know nowadays there is a whole list of options and bigger turbo to go with. I personally will like to keep the IS38 set up on the car since this is my daily for work and I put an average of 150 miles a day. FCP euro has an IS38 turbo that comes with a lifetime warranty which is good for peace of mind when the turbo goes out, and HPA has the IS38 OEM+ which according to the specs has all the weak points of an IS38 reinforced. both turbos go for the same price range. I Haven't personally seen anyone with an HPA turbo on any VW/ Audi. Anywho, I would like to keep the car as stock as possible without having to do Fuel modifications. I currently have all the components to run stage 2 which is perfect for a daily. any feedback or thoughts will be highly appreciated.


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