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DSG Issues


New member
United States
What I Drive
2017 Audi S3
Hey guys! New to the group here... I own a 2017 s3 premium plus model with the 6speed dq250 dsg gearbox. Currently, my car has 59k miles and needs a trans replacement. I am currently am tuned with Unitronic stage 1 ecu & tcu. I have done the dsg service at 42k miles at my local Audi dealer. The car makes this rattling/chattering noise between 5th and 6th gear the most. I have taken the car to multiple indie shops nearby and my local Audi dealer as well... All recommending me to replace the trans. This is my only daily, I've been driving this car with this current issue for a few months now and it just got recently worse... Tried having Audi of America help me out with this situation and no luck with that. Anyone have experienced similar issues or know what to recommend me to do? I just feel that the car having low mileage still and being only 6 years old, that this shouldn't be happening.

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