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15 S3 Dies when Launching at Drag Strip no prep, prep, as well as street course

United States
What I Drive
Audi S3 2015 Prestige
Title states the issue, recently went to a track day, launched the car using their Stage 1 tune of the ECU and DSG, went to COBB OTS Stage 1 93 as well as Sport DSG tune and car came back to live, tried launching it again thinking that the DSG Slipped and caused the shutdown since after 5 minutes before the reflash it came back alive on EQT and it did the same again on COBB, anyone have any suggestions for why it would be causing these issues when launching? DSG and Haldex fluids and the screen was recently cleaned. Can go WOT from rolls in sport without issues or from a stop but LC kills the car for 5-10 minutes. No errors shown on Accessport or Dash so I'm at a loss currently.